Training and Documentation

Search SRA Gateway User Manual

Gateway Access

  • Create a gateway account at Use 'Create account'. Provide your details and you will receive an email for account verification.
  • Click the link in the email received and confirm your email. Hint: The email sometimes tends to land on 'Junk email' or 'Trash'.
  • When the gateway administrator grants access, you would receive a notification email.
  • Log in to the gateway, You are ready to Search through the SRA!

Login screen

Getting Started

  • When logged in you would be on your home page, Workspace.
  • You would see your application placeholders.
  • Choose the one you want to use and click to navigate to the 'Create Experiment' page.
  • To your right, you would see all your recent experiments.
  • On the top-right menu, you will have
    • Workspace (you are there now)
    • Groups
    • Settings
  • The left vertical menu is the child menu of what you select from the above, right-hand drop-down menu.
  • Workspace has
    • Dashboard
    • Experiments
    • Projects
    • Storage
  • What is an Experiment? - Experiment is the gateway record you create in order to launch a job in a remote cluster/supercomputer/HPC.

Save & Launch an Experiment

  • To create a new Experiment from the Dashboard select your application.
  • In Create Experiment default values are provided for the name.
    • Experiment Description (Optional)
    • Project (LOV) - Last used will be selected for you
    • Application (LOV)
    • Application configurations will have default set values with option to change.
    • Application Inputs (Mandatory)
  • Save & Launch
  • When providing Application inputs;
    • Fasta-Reference-File (Mandatory)
    • Select existing Search IDs File OR provide your own.
  • After providing the files you could 'Save' the experiment for later submission. If saved you could edit the experiment prior to launching.
  • Once launched, you could cancel the experiment, which will cancel the job running in the remote cluster.


Other Gateway Features

  • Users can share their experiments with other gateway users or user groups. When sharing, you can decide on the level of access to grant.
    • Read Access
    • Write Access
  • To create new experiments similar to an existing one, you can clone the experiment from Experiment Summary page.
  • Users can create their own user groups to share research experiments, data files.
  • Group Resource Profile of the user enables to user to use their own research allocation/logins for computations.